Current Sisters

Margie N.

Line Name: #1 VeNom

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Gamma, SUM 2017

Position(s): President, Social Chair, Public Relations Chair

Breonna S.

Line Name: #2 Femme Fatale

Chapter Origin/Season: Zeta, SPR 2013

Position(s): Vice President, Secretary

Rachel M.

Line Name: #1 Amor Vincit Omnia

Chapter Origin/Season: Pi, SPR 2008

Position(s): Treasurer, Parliamentarian

Lauren M.

Line Name: #3 Kiyomizu

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Gamma, SPR 2013

Position(s): Dean of Intake

Amber H.

Line Name: #1 Blue Lotus

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Lambda, SPR 2012

Position(s): Education Chair, Service Chair

India K.

Line Name: #3 Oracle Flame

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Gamma, SUM 2017

Position(s): Historian

Tanya A. S.

Line Name: #3 Creyente

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Gamma, SPR 2010

Position(s): Webmistress, GAL Coordinator, Delegate

Alejandra O.

Line Name: #1 Obsidiana

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Beta, SUM 2009

Marjorie I.

Line Name: #3 Phoenix Tear

Chapter Origin/Season: Alpha Eta, SPR 2009

Katie C.

Line Name: #4 Sista Nature

Chapter Origin/Season: Tau, Fall 2004

Emily C.

Line Name: #5 Emiror

Chapter Origin/Season: Alpha Alpha, SPR 2017

Fernanda W.

Line Name: #2 Native ReBelle

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Gamma, SUM 2017

Tyra W.

Line Name: #4 Kaolin

Chapter Origin/Season: Alpha Mu, SPR 2015

Liz K.B.

Line Name: #2 Havoc

Chapter Origin/Season: Upsilon, SPR 2005

L. Sinee B.

Line Name: #1 ice B.U.R.G.

Chapter Origin/Season: Gamma, Fall 2006

Leedjia S.

Line Name: #2 Panorama

Chapter Origin/Season: Xi Mu, SUM 2014





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Last Updated: February 2019

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